Arrábida by Boat

Arrábida by Boat came to life due to the joint endeavor of two unique companies: one of the most popular tour operators in Lisbon Boost Portugal, and Sesimbra’s incredibly experienced Vertente Natural.

Both share an enormous passion for the sea, so much so that they decided to transform it into a mission: to provide unique experiences and extraordinary moments on the water, in one of the most beautiful regions in Portugal: Arrábida.

Vertente Natural is a extremely well-established tour operator (founded in Sesimbra in 2004) that has always followed their mission of showing the stunning Arrábida region to all the nature lovers, be it individuals or groups.

Boost Portugal has been operating in Lisbon since 2008 and has established several successful brands combining alternative means of transportation with top of the line technology. The company is currently operating in Lisbon, Porto and Douro and its technology is being used worldwide in cities such as Barcelona, San Francisco, Miami and San Diego.

Together they intend to share their love for the maritime universe with as many people as possible, by providing unique and relaxing experiences while promoting the sense of freedom and all the joy of being on the water surrounded by natural beauty.